Talking WW2 with Historian and Author Roger Moorhouse + Book Giveaway

Roger Moorhouse WW2 Discovery

Roger Moorhouse is an historian specialising in modern German history. He is the author of “Berlin at War”, a study of the impact of the Second World War on German civilians in the capital. “Berlin at War” was shortlisted for the prestigious Hessell-Tiltman Prize in 2011. His next book “The Devils’ Alliance” is due for release in […]

My Three Year Plan 1.1

rsz_operations_room_door_at_duxford_mini (1)

I’m still alive! Firstly, I would just like to apologise for it being over 6 months since my last post. Whilst away I have been working hard, living life and spending quality time with the family as well as spending way too much time on Twitter. Whilst enjoying time off away from blogging, I have […]

‘Lancaster’ – A Short Film by Philip Stevens


125,000 men volunteered to fight for RAF Bomber Command during World War II. 55,573 never returned. From the dusky English coast to the flak filled night skies of war-torn Europe, ‘Lancaster’ tells the story of a young bomber crew as they fly one final daring night raid over occupied France in the face of insurmountable […]

My Three Year Plan

WW2 Maps

We all have a dream, a goal, something that we wish to aim for. My dream is a rather simple one but very much a challenge if I am to make it a reality. Simply put, I want make a full time living from my passion for WW2 history. Feeling frustrated Back in January 2013 […]

A Visit to the German War Cemetery at Cannock Chase

German War Cemetery, Cannock Chase

I woke to a gorgeous summers day and decided to take advantage of the fine weather with a visit to the German War Cemetery at Cannock Chase in Staffordshire. I have to admit that until recently, I was not even aware that a German War Cemetery in England even existed, it was the knowledgeable folk […]

A Shattered City – Berlin after WW2

Berlin After WW2

“I feel that the Germans should suffer from hunger and from cold as I believe such suffering is necessary to make them realize the consequences of a war which they caused” - General Lucius Clay For most, World War Two officially ended on 8th May 1945, when after six years of brutal, bloody and unrelenting fighting […]

Talking WW2 with Author David J.B. Smith


When did you first become interested in WWII? As a young boy in the 1970’s I can remember hiding under my bed sheets with a torch avidly reading ‘Commando War Story’ comics until the small hours. My grandfathers had both fought in WWII and I also had a great uncle who had survived the horrors […]

Talking WW2 with Battlefield Guide and Presenter, Jo Hook


When did you first become interested in WWII? I first became interested in WWII history when, as a little girl, I would watch old Black and White war films with my dad. My dad also served during the Second World War, initially in the Beds and Herts but then, when the military found out he […]

Dambusters: The Marble that Started it all

Just Jane 29

It doesn’t look like much. However, the small marble you see me holding is one of the originals used which helped bring about the most daring bombing raid of World War 2. When Barnes Wallis first came up with the idea of trying to breach the dams in industrial Germany or sink large German battleship’s (the Tirpitz […]

Getting Up Close and Personal with the Beautiful Just Jane

Just Jane 23

This week, thanks to the very kind people at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the type of astonishing aircraft that was instrumental in taking the fight to Germany, the finest heavy bomber of WW2, the Avro Lancaster. In recent weeks I have been on the […]

The Derwent Dam, Where the Dambusters Trained

The Derwent Dam, Derbyshire

It was here, amongst other places, back in 1943 that the Dambusters trained for the top secret mission to break the great Dams of Western Germany. After recently visiting the home of the Dambusters at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire, I was keen to see for myself where the crews had honed their low flying skills. […]

Photo Tour: Return to Duxford

Duxford Control Tower

Visiting the Imperial War Museum at Duxford is always a delight, it is one of the finest museums in Europe. At the weekend I travelled down to Duxford as I was to have an on board tour of the B-17 Flying Fortress, ‘Sally B’ which is based there. Unfortunately, as I arrived I was told […]

Weapons of War: The B-17 Flying Fortress

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

In July 1935, the Boeing Company rolled out an aircraft inspired by the ‘Art Deco’ period of the time. With its aluminium skin polished until it glowed and bristling with turrets and guns, a reporter on hand to record the event described it as a ‘flying fortress’. It was a name that stuck. Development The […]

My Visit to RAF Scampton, Home of the Dambusters

Dambusters Door

On Sunday, March 21st 1943, Wing Commander Guy Gibson arrived at an RAF Bomber Command base in Lincolnshire with the job of forming, training and leading a new and special Squadron that would attack three great Dams in the German heartland. He and his newly formed crews would have less that two months to prepare […]

Starting a World War 2 Collection with the German Newspaper ‘Das Reich’

Das Reich 5

I have never been one for collecting things, but as my interest in World War 2 history has grown, so has the urge to start my very own little collection. Today, as an original copy of the German newspaper ‘Das Reich’ was pushed through my letter box, I officially gave into the urge and can now proudly call myself, a WW2 […]

The Beautiful American War Cemetery, Madingley

Stars and Stripes

The American War Cemetery at Madingley, near Cambridge, is the only one of it’s kind in the UK. More than 3 million Americans came to the British Isles in World War 2 and here, in this beautiful and peaceful part of England, is where 3,812 of them are at rest. Alongside this, there are the ‘Tablets of the Missing’, […]

East Kirkby Aircraft by Resident Photographer Martin Keen

East Kirkby

The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre was established over 20 years ago on part of the former Royal Air Force East Kirkby. Residing within the museum site are a number of historic aircraft, from the iconic taxying Avro Lancaster Just Jane and an example of early Bomber Command operations in the shape of the Handley Page Hampden (under […]

A Photo Tour of the Imperial War Museum, Duxford

V1 Flying Bomb

The award winning, Imperial War Museum at Duxford, near Cambridge, is without question one of Europe’s great military museums. The highly interesting exhibitions are spaciously located in hangars dotted around an old WW1/WW2 air base. This was my first visit to Duxford and I was blown away by the sheer amount of WW2 history on show. Highlights […]

The Journey Begins!

The Journey Begins

Early one morning in January 2011, I checked my Twitter feed and was greeted by the sad news that Major Dick Winters from the American 101st Airbourne had died. Major Winters and his men of Easy Company had become well known through the HBO/BBC Mini series ‘Band of Brothers’ and no doubt that day many people […]